The eyes lies

KenyaPosted by Eva Jan 18, 2016 13:02:37

I have got many people from Kenya lately as my friends and they do not know where I am coming from so I will repeat me what have going on in my life for them to know who I am.

In some churches in Kenya did I started to ask people what they saw. And I said that they saw a wealthy white woman and that they wondering what I could know about their situation that am white and have never been poor like them.

The response when I told them that I know their situation because I have been there where they are now.

I many years was I poor. GOD come to me one evening when I had decided me to take my life.

GOD took me out from everything and I left my country and walked on the streets in USA with not one dollar in my pocket.

I had nothing to eat, I had no bed, I had no work and worse of all.... I had no person to talk to about my life and no person to be safe at...I was total out from everything.....I had not even a country.

But I did not let me break down but took one day at time only trying to survive in a cruel evil world.

I had knife on my troat, I was raped, I was kidnapped, I was robbed, I had gun on me, I was locked in and raped..... I was up 4 times in court because of people wanted to take my life....they could take my body but never my soul and my spirit.

I learned to find food in those soupkitchen and I lived as the only white in shelters and was the lowest ofcourse in the shelter as all people was black and I was not even from USA and white ...and this was just after the terrorist attack in New york and I lived close to N.Y.... so it was dangerous for me to even walk out on the street in that time after the attack.

When I left USA and said goodbye to my homeless friends did they said I was a rowmodel/pattern how to survive a hard life out on the street.

I have been the most least person on earth but I thank GOD for have educated how it can be on the lowest level in the sociaty.

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